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‘Second to None’ Thesis Preview posted on Vimeo


Second to None: The Story of Stanton Elemetary – Thesis Preview from Clary Estes on Vimeo.

Clary Estes’ Thesis Preview Video has been posted to Vimeo. A description of the project is described as;

“Three years ago, Stanton Elementary was the 2nd worst performing school in the District of Columbia. To remedy the problem, a very large majority of the staff was fired and replaced with new enthusiastic teachers who have worked to get the students up to grade level and turn the school around. It has been thus deemed a “Turn Around School” and has been a testing ground for the DC Scholars program, a program that is running in both DC and Philadelphia. During my time at the school, I have found that the teachers are committed and invested in their students and that the students are bright and have a great deal of potential. It is not only the school that is changing, it is the surrounding community.”